Step 1

MQA is an end-to-end process that starts by capturing every detail and nuance from the original master recording.

Unlike many audio-coding methods, no music is thrown away. All that’s removed is any ‘blurring’ caused during recording or digital encoding.

Step 2

The time-accurate musical detail captured by the MQA process is ‘folded’ into a form that looks just like a regular CD-quality file.

It can be streamed or downloaded via any lossless format such as FLAC, Apple Lossless or WAV. MQA is not a new format, but it carries additional ‘hidden’ detail in a unique way.

Step 3

MQA will be available across select streaming and download services. On conventional players without an MQA decoder, MQA will sound better than CD quality.

Step 4

To truly unlock the richness of MQA you’ll need a device or software with an MQA decoder. On playback of MQA content, the player indicates that you are hearing exactly what the artist recorded and approved in the studio.

Step 5

When you listen you'll step into the magic of the original performance. You're there.

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"What I experienced with MQA was that detailed focus on the small things that over time accumulate into a very, very emotional experience."

Morten Lindberg, 2L