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Sonic Studio brings integrated MQA Support to Amarra Luxe 4.1

Press Release Sonic Studio announces the release of Amarra 4 Luxe v4.1 featuring integrated MQA audio technology. MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) delivers the sound of the original master recording. MQA files are fully authenticated and small enough to stream or download, while also being backward compatible, so they can be played on any device. Amarra 4 Luxe supports local MQA file playback and additionally supports TIDAL MQA Streaming for HiFi subscribers. Amarra users without an MQA-enab...

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dCS Launches MQA Support Across Product Ranges

Press Release – dCS dCS announces the release of a software update that provides MQA compatibility to all current product ranges -  bringing the MQA experience into what many regard as the best digital music source in the world. MQA, Master Quality Authenticated, provides a means to efficiently encode and transmit high resolution audio. MQA is based on the axiom that, in audio, high resolution can be more accurately defined in the analogue domain in terms of temporal fine structure...

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Partners Showcase MQA at RMAF 2017

Multiple partners will be demonstrating MQA as part of their exhibition activities during Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, the high-end consumer audio show held in Denver on 6-8 October. Hi-res download service, Onkyo Music, will be giving away free download vouchers at the Pioneer booth, and show attendees will also be able to listen to master quality recordings on the latest MQA-enabled Pioneer & Onkyo portable digital audio players. MQA is set to feature prominently on Onkyo Music&rs...

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MQA a 'Paradigm Shift'

  In his article entitled “Let the Revolution Begin: MQA and the Overthrow of 20th Century Audio” author and Absolute Sound’s editor-in-chief, Robert Harley, likens MQA to the definition of a paradigm shift. Specifically, Robert pinpoints “Kuhn’s ‘crisis’ phase of a scientific revolution”, when a struggle exists between those who embrace new advances and others who are reluctant to let go of long-held beliefs. == Let the Revolution Begin: M...

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