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CES Panel: “Music Streaming Is Only The Beginning”

The discussion on the ‘Stream The Studio’ stage, led by Mike Jbara with speakers from AKQA, nugs.net and Xperi, delivered insights from across the entertainment sector, and covered wide-ranging topics such as drivers for consumer adoption, dynamic pricing and sources of innovation. Andy Hood, Head of Emerging Technologies at AKQA, explained how new behaviours get adopted, “If it’s convenient to use and it gives you real value, there’s your Holy Grail.” While ...

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MQA streaming on iOS with nugs.net

Nugs.net, the home of live music from iconic touring artists such as Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen, Metallica, Dead & Company and Phish, is launching the first-ever iOS implementation of MQA.  From 10 January 2018, subscribers to nugs.net’s HiFi tier will be able to enjoy native MQA playback of thousands of full-length concerts on iOS devices.  Founder and CEO, Brad Serling, started nugs.net in the nineties out of a passion for the music, and as a way to share the tapes ...

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Oppo Announces Support for MQA

Press Release The OPPO UDP-205 is a universal disc player specifically designed for audio performance, providing reference level sound quality for 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray and many other digital audio and video formats. The latest firmware update to the UDP-205 adds MQA decoding to the UDP-205’s digital audio file playback. When a user navigates through music files using the UDP-205’s “Music” app, the player will be able to identify and decode files encoded with MQA. Listener...

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Sonic Studio brings integrated MQA Support to Amarra Luxe 4.1

Press Release Sonic Studio announces the release of Amarra 4 Luxe v4.1 featuring integrated MQA audio technology. MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) delivers the sound of the original master recording. MQA files are fully authenticated and small enough to stream or download, while also being backward compatible, so they can be played on any device. Amarra 4 Luxe supports local MQA file playback and additionally supports TIDAL MQA Streaming for HiFi subscribers. Amarra users without an MQA-enab...

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