Multiple partners will be demonstrating MQA as part of their exhibition activities during Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, the high-end consumer audio show held in Denver on 6-8 October.

Hi-res download service, Onkyo Music, will be giving away free download vouchers at the Pioneer booth, and show attendees will also be able to listen to master quality recordings on the latest MQA-enabled Pioneer & Onkyo portable digital audio players. MQA is set to feature prominently on Onkyo Music’s newly revamped store with the service offering one of the largest sources of MQA music.

Recently announced Sonic Studio’s Amarra Luxe 4 media player (version 4.1) will go live during the RMAF show, enabling integrated TIDAL support for HiFi subscribers and offering all the benefits of the MQA experience for local playback on macOS. 

Esoteric is one of the latest partners to integrate MQA technology into its range of high-end audio hardware products, and will be offering demonstrations on its flagship N-01 network audio player. 

Experience MQA music and explore playback options from MQA partners exhibiting in the following locations:

Amarra - demos at MrSpeakers, Studio Electric, Swan Song Audio

AudioQuest - CanJam 21

Aurender - 8th Floor 8014

Bel Canto - 7th Floor 7017

Berkeley Audio Design - Scott Walker Audio, 5th Floor 5016

Bluesound / NAD / Lenbrook - 8th Floor 8021

Brinkmann Audio - Ponderosa

Esoteric (proof of concept demo) - Atrium 5 Room 521

Mark Levinson (proof of concept demo) - 8th Floor 8032

Moon by Sim Audio (proof of concept demo) - CanJam 61-62

MSB - 3013

Mytek - Lobby 13

Pioneer / Onkyo - CanJam 68

Technics - 1117 / 9017

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"I have spent many hours with Bob, listening to original recordings and being constantly amazed by the incredible sense of space and clarity brought by MQA."

Morten Lindberg, Producer and Grammy multi-nominee

"We have done many blind comparisons of my original high-resolution masters with and without the MQA process. MQA is the consistent winner."

Alan Silverman, Mastering Engineer

"Digital music has given users the ability to hold “a thousand songs in their pocket” for over a decade. But that convenience came at the sacrifice of quality. MQA gives the user the ability to keep the convenience of a large library in their pocket, without sacrificing the quality of the music."

Pioneer, on their new XDP-100R digital audio player

MQA are proud to have already received a range of awards and accolades.

Innovation Award

Innovation Award at the International Hi-Fi Press event at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2015

Most Exciting Ideas in Tech

MQA Inventor Bob Stuart was named as one of Stuff’s innovators of 2015.

CEDIA 2015 Award logo 150px high

Lifetime Achievement Award

MQA creator Bob Stuart received the CEDIA 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award

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