Founded in 1980 by William E. Low, AudioQuest manufacturers and distributes audio/video cables, digital-to-analogue converters, headphones, power-conditioning products, phono cartridges, and various audio/video accessories—all designed to deliver high levels of performance and value. AudioQuest’s core values are evident in all of our products—from our best-selling DragonFly USB DAC to our award-winning NightHawk headphones; from our entry-level HDMI Pearl to our Diamond Ethernet cable; from our affordable Tower to our sophisticated WEL interconnect. However you decide to connect to your media, AudioQuest develops and delivers an attractive, reliable solution that honors the source, satisfies the mind, and stirs emotions.

With DragonFlys Black and Red, as well as future digital components, AudioQuest is committed to providing our customers with long-term support and the best possible performance at the lowest possible cost. Part of this commitment comes in the form of upgradable firmware, allowing us to deliver meaningful refinements and enhancements as they become available, thus avoiding technical obsolescence. MQA shares AudioQuest’s mandate to honour the music, the artist, and the customer. The relationship is a perfect fit—one that we are proud and eager to fully embrace. Thanks to MQA’s support and our upgradable architecture, the ideal becomes a reality.

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