Founded in 2011, Audirvana is the creator of the worldwide acclaimed hifi software player Audirvana Plus currently available for the Mac platform and aiming at the best possible sound quality. It makes the listener reach the Audio Nirvana by using the latest advances in computer engineering and signal processing technologies, while bringing great convenience with fast and advanced library management, hifi streaming services integration and remote control on iPad/iPhone.

Audirvana Plus brings the best Sound Quality with the convenience of advanced library management, DSD / DXD, multichannel audio playback and many more features. Its companion app A+ Remote brings remote control from iPad/iPhone for further convenience. Audirvana Plus 3 (available end of January 2017) integrates the MQA Core Decoder, enabling to get the full MQA quality with MQA devices, including the renderer only ones. Users who don’t have a MQA capable device will also benefit from the 2x sample rate of MQA streams thanks to the decoder in Audirvana Plus 3 that performs the unfolding.

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