Founded in 1985 by Helmut Brinkmann, Brinkmann Audio is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of high end audio components. Brinkmann is one of the few audio companies to design and manufacture every component in the playback chain, from source through amplification.

Brinkmann Nyquist DAC

Thirty years after the introduction of their first Digital-to-Analogue Converter, Brinkmann Audio has introduced Nyquist, an advanced DAC designed to set new standards in adaptability, user-friendliness, performance and long-term value. An entirely new design, Nyquist’s hardware has been optimized to accommodate the latest digital formats. Most importantly, it supports MQA streaming and playback up to 384kHz. The Nyquist also supports current digital standards including PCM up to 384 kHz/32 bits as well as DSD 64 and 128. Both the hardware and software of Nyquist’s digital module are easily user-replaceable. This field-upgradable architecture assures unprecedented longevity and enables Nyquist to remain on the cutting edge of digital technology.

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