Cary Audio was founded in 1989 with a firm commitment to producing the highest quality two-channel vacuum tube components, cutting-edge digital playback solutions, and home theater products. Dedication to accurate and lifelike reproduction of music has led to many awards and rave reviews all over the world. Cary Audio's efforts are guided by the knowledge that they sell not just audio hardware, but rather a means to enjoy music with all the emotion which it was intended to be heard, all at a price to performance ratio far beyond expectation.


The DMS-500 Network Audio Player is the first Cary Audio product in the range to be MQA certified. What makes this partnership especially exciting is that the Cary Audio DMS-500 is MQA's first partner product to use MQA 16x rendering. Decoding within the DMS-500 to 705.6 kHz (44.1 X 16) or 768 kHz (48 x 16).

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