Mytek Digital has been manufacturing digital audio converters for professional recording studios since 1995. Since 2011 Mytek has been manufacturing digital audio converters for hi-fi and audiophile playback using the same technology developed for professional use. Mytek licensed MQA in late 2015. Subsequently Mytek has released the new Brooklyn DAC which is the first quality DAC with a MQA decoder built in. Mytek flagship Manhattan II DAC, which also includes MQA hardware decoder, has also been announced with shipping expected to begin in late August 2016.

Mytek DACs with MQA

Brooklyn DAC is a reference USB DAC with MQA decoder, 384k PCM and DSD256, line and phono analogue preamplifier and a reference headphone amplifier. It integrates digital streaming and playback and vinyl analogue playback for reference listening on headphones and speakers. The new reference-level MQA-capable Manhattan II uses the same digital engine (micro, USB, MQA) as Brooklyn, but offers superior performance thanks to additional chassis space and best-available component parts, including a new motherboard with latest Sabre chip, 7x size dual Linear Power Supplies (oversized 50VA analogue, 50VA digital) and improved analogue attenuators. Current Manhattan owners will be offered an upgrade to Manhattan II.

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