MQA delivers studio master quality using no more bandwidth than a CD quality file – so it can be streamed or downloaded.

Setting the standard

MQA delivers unsurpassed quality, and is being backed by streaming services, download services, and key music industry players.


MQA authentically reproduces the sound of the studio master, allowing you to step into the magic of the original performance.

MQA can make a big difference to your business.

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"MQA will be the first opportunity, in the history of recorded music, to directly link the music listener to the mastering studio; revolutionizing my job and its importance."

Eric Boulanger - Mastering Engineer, The Bakery

"I have spent many hours with Bob, listening to original recordings and being constantly amazed by the incredible sense of space and clarity brought by MQA."

Morten Lindberg - Producer & Grammy multi-nominee

"MQA is incredible and I'm really happy that people will be able to experience the album at studio quality."

Amy Duncan - Singer, Songwriter

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"What I experienced with MQA was that detailed focus on the small things that over time accumulate into a very, very emotional experience."

Morten Lindberg, 2L