MQA precisely captures the performance in the recording studio and then delivers it to music fans everywhere, on any device. As an artist, you’ll even get to sign off the final MQA file so you know it’s exactly what you want your fans to hear.


MQA delivers unsurpassed quality and will become the benchmark for recordings moving forward.


MQA is fully authenticated, with indicators on MQA devices to show that the file has been delivered perfectly.


MQA will be fully integrated into the recording and mastering process. Simply request it in the studio.

Artist Partners

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What do I tell my engineer?

It’s important that you communicate to your engineer that you want to work at the highest sample rate possible/practical and that you intend to distribute in MQA format. This means working at higher-than-CD sample rates and bit depths – typically 24-bit, 96kHz or better. Do not be swayed by arguments that humans cannot hear beyond CD resolution.

What sample rate/bit depth should I be recording at?

You should be working at the highest sample rate and bit depth you can afford, but at least at 88.2kHz or 96kHz sample rate, 24-bit. The higher the sample rate, the less blur is introduced into the musical signal

What’s in it for me?

As an artist, MQA provides the most accurate reproduction of the music you hear in the studio. But it also guarantees that your fans will be able to hear that same sound you heard – with no compromises.

Who will deliver MQA?

MQA will be delivered by the same distribution channel you currently employ.

Why is MQA important?

Because for the first time in the history of recorded music, music fans can now enjoy exactly what you, the artist, have heard in the studio. It is important because it places no compromises between the artist and the fans who enjoy their music.

Isn’t MP3 good enough?

No. MP3 works by throwing away – literally destroying – up to 90% of the musical information fed into it, and hiding the distortions in areas of our hearing that are the least sensitive. But it does it at a cost of flattening the music – and the musical experience. MQA offers a no-compromise solution. The highest resolution, the finest detail you heard in the studio, in a package that is small and efficient enough to download or stream easily. No musical content is lost.

How do I share it with my friends?

MQA provides the best resolution and currently works well on any number of streaming services. Simply share your playlist and enjoy!

"MQA will be the first opportunity, in the history of recorded music, to directly link the music listener to the mastering studio; revolutionizing my job and its importance."

Eric Boulanger - Mastering Engineer, The Bakery

"I have spent many hours with Bob, listening to original recordings and being constantly amazed by the incredible sense of space and clarity brought by MQA."

Morten Lindberg - Producer & Grammy multi-nominee

"MQA is incredible and I'm really happy that people will be able to experience the album at studio quality."

Amy Duncan - Singer, Songwriter