Increased sales

Partnering with MQA will give your product differentiation at retail, and an enhanced proposition for people who care about music.


MQA is fully compatible with the existing download and streaming ecosystem, and is available to run on a wide-range of implementation platforms.

Setting the standard

MQA delivers unsurpassed quality, and is being backed by streaming services, download services, and key music industry players.

Key playback partners

The following companies are already on board with MQA as playback software and/or hardware providers

I’m a product manufacturer, do I need to buy a specific chip from a specific supplier to decode MQA?

Not necessarily. The engineers at MQA have been porting the technology in-house to a variety of popular platforms, a list of which can be found here. In these cases, the chips you buy will not come with MQA firmware from your supplier. Instead you will receive object code for the MQA technology directly from MQA. Moving forward, you will also be able to buy solutions from licensed implementation suppliers. These will be shipped to you with MQA firmware. When it comes to selecting a specific chip from a supplier, or finding out whether your chosen platform can run MQA, then we suggest you contact us to see whether the technology can run on a given platform. Whilst the chip you have selected may be capable of running the MQA technology, it is also a case of ensuring it will run alongside everything else you are asking the chip to do.

Is MQA a new Codec?

Yes and no! The MQA technology is an end-to-end process, with an encode process (of the original performance) working in tandem with every decoder to produce the same sound heard in the studio. That being said, the MQA encoding process allows music to be encapsulated and delivered to the music fan using standard lossless file-types - such as FLAC, ALAC and WAV. This means all of the musical information is “folded” and captured inside the MQA file. Nothing is thrown away. So it’s a ‘Codec’ in the original sense of the word (i.e. it has an Encoder and a Decoder), but it goes far beyond standard “lossy” codecs (MP3, AAC, etc) to guarantee the authentic sound quality in a package that is not only convenient but is compatible with every playback system.

Where will MQA encoded content be coming from?

Content encoded in MQA will be streamed into products from music streaming services. In addition, content will also be available for download, to own and store locally (on your products, or network storage) from a variety of music download sites. A list of services delivering MQA music can be found here, and is worth checking on a regular basis as we add more delivery partners to the list.

Is there any way I can test-drive MQA in my labs?

MQA have created a fantastic reference board based around the XMOS xCORE-200 platform. The board has been designed to support a variety of essential I/O - including USB, SPDIF and I2S – and is supplied with code libraries for running MQA. More information about the reference board can be downloaded here, or please contact us to find out more or enquire about purchasing one. The standalone XMOS chip we use on our reference board, is available through XMOS’s distributors..

What are the costs associated with implementing MQA in my product?

Other than your own standard engineering costs (required to integrate the technology), you will need to become a Licensee for the MQA decoder. The license agreement will outline the commercial terms & conditions for your company and products, and will also document the per-unit royalties payable to MQA.

Why are your per-unit royalties not published?

At MQA, rather than focus on the one or two products you may have in mind immediately, we prefer to have a dialogue with you about all your product-lines that the MQA technology may be relevant on moving forward. With this is mind, we can discuss what the long-term partnership could be, and reflect this in a fixed per-unit royalty that spans a number of years. That way your product managers always know what the per-unit royalty cost for the MQA decoder will be, and it also ensures these costs are not volatile or negatively impacted during ramp-up phases, or with seasonal fluctuations in sales.

I am an implementation manufacturer interested in supporting MQA on my platform, what should I do?

For implementation manufacturers, we have two potential routes to market for supporting MQA on your products: (1) by you supporting the MQA engineering team and getting them up-and-running with your development platform. This way, they can port the technology themselves (minimising engineering costs on your side) and generate object code to supply to product manufacturers; or (2) by becoming an Implementation Licensee, which would give you access to MQA source code. You would then port the MQA technology to your platform in-house, and distribute the MQA technology as firmware at the point of sale. For more information about getting MQA implemented on your platform, please contact us.

How much space does MQA take up on an chip/processor?

MIPS and memory requirements for the MQA decoder will vary greatly depending on the implementation it is running on, and the amount of time taken in optimising the port of the technology. In light of this, and for more precise estimates (on what these figures would be for your chosen platform) we suggest that you contact us and discuss you particular case with our engineers.

Do you provide any support in getting MQA up-and-running?

Yes! As part of becoming a Licensee, you get access to a variety of manuals, documentation and test materials, as well as being put in contact with our engineers, who are audio ninjas when it comes to helping integrate MQA into your products.

Does my product need to be tested?

In order to ensure the quality of experience that consumers expect from the MQA brand, all products (whether implementations or finished consumer goods) will be tested and certified by our engineers.

How can I get the most out of the fact that my product supports MQA?

Early on - in the process of designing the MQA technology into your products - you will be introduced to our Partner Marketing team. They can support you in a variety of ways – from providing imagery, copy, logos and demo assets, right through to support in your plans for events, retailer outreach, online and social media campaigns. In itself, our website is an example of some of the great copy and visual assets that we can deliver - to help you get more exposure from the fact you have got MQA in your product.

In addition to hardware products, do you also provide solutions for software applications?

Yes! For music streaming services - who provide Mobile and PC Apps to their subscribers as part of their service - then software libraries, to integrate the MQA technology into these apps, are available directly from MQA.

"MQA will be the first opportunity, in the history of recorded music, to directly link the music listener to the mastering studio; revolutionizing my job and its importance."

Eric Boulanger - Mastering Engineer, The Bakery

"I have spent many hours with Bob, listening to original recordings and being constantly amazed by the incredible sense of space and clarity brought by MQA."

Morten Lindberg - Producer & Grammy multi-nominee

"Meridian believes that MQA is one of the most important developments in recorded sound that can benefit all music lovers. We're excited to be adding MQA to our award-winning range of high resolution audio solutions."

John Buchanan - CEO, Meridian Audio Ltd