MQA delivers high-resolution recordings, fully authenticated by the artist, that are also backwards compatible to play on any device. But most importantly, MQA allows you to truly deliver on the artist’s vision in the studio.

Increased profit

MQA opens up the market for hi-res recordings – both for new recordings and re-issues from the archive.


MQA authentically reproduces the sound of the studio master – a technological first – without you putting your “crown jewels” online.


MQA will play on any device and is fully compatible with the existing file/streaming ecosystem.

Key partner Labels

The following companies are already on board as label partners

What artists are on-board already?

MQA has been demonstrated to many artists and producers, and the feedback has been universally positive. Stay tuned for further announcements and endorsements.

How much lead time do I have to include MQA on my release?

MQA will be available in a select number of studios over the coming months.

Does MQA work on catalogue or only on new releases?

MQA works best when the system is aware of the entire recording chain. Thus a well-documented catalogue release can benefit just as much as a new release from the studio.

Where in the production chain is MQA applied?

MQA is currently employed as part of the mastering process, but we are providing MQA principles and tools to manufacturers of A/D and D/A converters for use in the studio/recording process.

Are the other labels investing in this?

MQA has been presented to all the major labels, and many independent content providers as well. All have been invited to invest as part of the MQA entity.

How does this fit into our album timeline?

MQA does not add any extra burden to the album delivery timeline. It is inherent and embedded in the mastering (and soon the recording) process itself.

"MQA will be the first opportunity, in the history of recorded music, to directly link the music listener to the mastering studio; revolutionizing my job and its importance."

Eric Boulanger - Mastering Engineer, The Bakery

"I have spent many hours with Bob, listening to original recordings and being constantly amazed by the incredible sense of space and clarity brought by MQA."

Morten Lindberg - Producer & Grammy multi-nominee

"MQA is incredible and I'm really happy that people will be able to experience the album at studio quality."

Amy Duncan - Singer, Songwriter