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What is MQA?

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Jazz re:freshed teamed up with MQA and Bluesound to bring annual festival JAZZ RE:FEST online. Experience the festival round-up in HD video with MQA sound.

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See the power of MQA

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MQA unlocks every detail of the original master recording.
Discover what that means for music creators and their fans.

Creator Stories


Stay up to date with the latest developments at MQA.


ASUS launches first gaming headset with MQA

MQA’s award-winning technology has been adopted by global tech leader ASUS for its new ROG (Republic of Gamers) Delta S headset.
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Bob Stuart awarded the Prince Philip Medal by Royal Academy

Prestigious award presented to Founder of MQA for Career of Innovations.
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Jazz re:freshed brings festival online with MQA + Bluesound

Emerging and established artists came together for JAZZ RE:FEST online 2020.
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TIDAL vs Amazon Music HD Sound Quality

What does Amazon Music HD deliver + how does it compare to TIDAL HiFi?
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MQA powers UK artist shows during lockdown

British Music Embassy + MQA joined forces to provide a livestream for artists due to perform at SXSW...
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MQA momentum
continues to grow

We’ve been busy forging new relationships with musicians, record labels and music lovers around the world.

“Music fans will love it when they hear it, and WMG is thrilled to be partnering with MQA to take the next step in bringing hi-resolution music to consumers across the globe.”
Craig Kallman,
Chairman & CEO of WMG’s Atlantic Records division
“With MQA, we are working with a partner whose technology is among the best solutions for streaming Hi-Res Audio, and one that doesn't ask music fans to compromise on sound quality for convenience.”
Michael Nash,
Executive Vice President of Digital Strategy at UMG


What is MQA?

MQA stands for Master Quality Authenticated. Using pioneering scientific research into how people hear, MQA's award-winning technology captures and authenticates the sound of the original master recording, and packages it in a file small enough to stream or download.

How do I access MQA?

We work closely with our audio hardware partners to enable MQA integration into their devices for authenticated playback. We also support our record label and music service partners to ensure master recordings are encoded and delivered to a growing number of services. Visit How to get MQA section for the most up-to-date list.

Why is MQA important?

MQA’s commitment is to deliver the master recording all the way through to the music fan. Our aim is to reinstate audio quality - too long sacrificed for convenience - as an important ingredient for music. Only MQA can supply the original sound, directly from the studio master, in the highest quality, using less data, while authenticating provenance.

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