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Warner Music Group & MQA Enter Long-Term Licensing Deal

Munich, May 6, 2016—Warner Music Group (WMG) today announced a long-term licensing deal with music technology specialists MQA. The agreement – the first between MQA and any major music company – will significantly increase music fans’ access to hi-resolution music globally. The agreement paves the way for recordings from WMG’s diverse roster of acclaimed artists and its world-renowned catalogue to be made available in studio master quality through M...

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MQA Announces New Partnerships at Munich High End Show

MQA is attending the High End Show, in Munich, between 5th- 8th May. We will be working with our partners to launch more MQA music and MQA ready products. 

HIGHRESAUDIO, the renowned high-resolution music download service, joins the list of MQA content providers. Music lovers visiting www.highresaudio.com will be able to download a selection of high-quality releases from renowned labels 2L, Acoustic Music Records, Bauer Studios / N...

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Brinkmann's Nyquist MQA DAC to Debut at Munich

MQA is pleased to announce Brinkmann Audio as the latest MQA Playback Partner to introduce an MQA-ready DAC. The Nyquist – named after one of the originators of digital sampling theory – will be previewed at the upcoming Munich High End audio show.

Although known primarily as an analogue audio manufacturer, Brinkmann in fact produced its first DAC 30 years ago, and the new Nyquist builds on this and the subsequent three decades of engineering experience. In addition to its...

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"The Most Significant Audio Technology Of My Lifetime"

The May/June 2016 edition of leading audiophile magazine The Absolute Sound includes an unprecedented 20 pages on MQA: including an editorial, a discussion of Editor Robert Harley's personal experience of the technology, an "at a glance" discussion of the system, an FAQ, an article querying how MQA can improve the sound of an original master (and concluding that indeed it can), and a pair of MQA hardware reviews.

Harley's descriptions of his experiences of M...

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