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iFi’s xDSD DAC has been voted ‘Best Portable DAC/Headphone Amplifier 2018-2019’ by the European Imaging & Sound Association (EISA) at their prestigious annual awards.

The EISA Hi-Fi judging committee praised the DAC for its quality and versatility, stating “The DAC headphone amplifier turns smartphones, laptops and portable players into great sounding music centres.”

Connecting the MQA-enabled DAC to TIDAL HiFi on desktop, for example...

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Smoke Season: Single Launch Party & Instagram Takeover

To celebrate the launch of their new single Sweetest Thing, MQA  featured artists Smoke Season performed a gig at London’s Ace Hotel in Shoreditch.

The set featured some of their most popular tracks to date including Opaque, as well as an emotional cover of Don Henley’s Boys Of Summer.

The band also helped to launch MQA’s Instagram page, taking over our stories and feed for...

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E-onkyo music boosts MQA offering with King Records

Music download store, e-onkyo music, is making hundreds of titles from King Records available in MQA.  Highlights of latest recordings, now in MQA quality from the respected Japanese independent label, include the following soundtracks from some iconic anime franchises:


Shin Godzilla - Shiro Sagisu & Akira Ifukube

Shin Godzilla, also referred to as “Godzilla’s Resurgence”, sees award-winning composer Shiro Sagisu ...

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Tremulant Records Supports MQA

US-based independent record label, Tremulant Records, is the latest label to release new recordings MQA. Eric Medley – producer, studio manager and owner of Tremulant Records – explains how MQA reveals the subtleties and nuances of a recording and why it’s a “game changer”

I've been in the music industry a long time, well before digital took hold. So, the awful moment of purchasing the 'official' street version of my productio...

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