MQA will be running two MQA Live events featuring leading performers from London’s burgeoning jazz scene, as well as supporting its many partners at RMAF 2018.

MQA Live

MQA Live is a new way for fans to connect to artists, wherever and whenever the artist is performing.  Live concerts can be audio-streamed in real time in MQA, allowing fans to hear live performances across different countries and time zones – all in the best possible audio quality. 

The two live audio streams will run on consecutive days (5 and 6 October): the first will be a private media event presented by Bluesound, featuring Zara McFarlane and band, streamed to audiences in three cities (London, New York and Denver); the second will see the return of the Misha Mullov-Abbado Group, who treated Munich show attendees earlier this year, and whose performance this time will be streamed into MQA partner rooms in Denver.  [See notes section below for full details.]

MQA on Mobile

LG mobile continues to expand MQA streaming capability across its range of smartphones: having started with the V30 handset, it has now added the V30+, V35 ThinQ and G7 ThinQ models. 

The Essential Phone, which also supports MQA streaming, will soon launch its Audio Adapter HD accessory to deliver full MQA rendering.

The leader in live music distribution,, has now enabled MQA on Android devices.  Fans can now stream exclusive live concerts from some of the largest touring artists in the world in MQA quality, on both iOS and Android using the apps.  

Pearl Jam’s recent shows from Fenway, Wrigley and Seattle, as well as Dead & Company’s impressive sets are just some of the latest concerts available in MQA.

As the only solution for authenticated high-resolution music delivery on mobile, MQA brings together convenience and quality, enabling an enhanced listening experience wherever and however music fans choose to listen,” said Mike Jbara, CEO of MQA. “Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2018 will be a fantastic showcase for MQA and our many partners.”

New MQA Partners

Astell&Kern is announcing MQA integration for its line of portable players, beginning with the A&ultima SP1000 in mid-October, and coming to other players across the range soon. The A&ultima SP1000, a high-end portable audio player, earned a ‘CES 2018 Best of Innovation Honoree’ award for Portable Media Player & Accessories.

The EISA award-winning Dali Sound Hub and Callisto wireless loudspeaker system, in combination with the BluOS plug-in module, now supports playback of MQA music from both streaming services or locally stored files.

Calgary-based EMM Labs is a further new MQA partner and has integrated MQA into its recently launched and much-praised DV2 DAC.  The upgrade is expected towards the end of this month.

Other new partner announcements include Audiolab’s 8300CDQ DAC, due to be released late October, and Krell Industries, who will be integrating MQA into its K-300i integrated stereo amplifier later this year.

MQA Partner Product Expansion

Existing MQA playback partners continue to expand their MQA offerings:

  • NAD’s D3045 hybrid digital DAC amplifier now includes support for MQA;
  • dCS has added MQA integration to its Bartók DAC & headphone amplifier;
  • Cocktail Audio is introducing a range of products including several supporting MQA-CD*
    • X14 Music System
    • X50D Pure Digital Music Server*
    • X45 Music Server*
    • X45 Pro DAC & Reference Level Music Server*
    • X35 Music Player
    • N15D HiFi Network Adapter/DAC
  • Bel Canto’s new network streamer, e.One Stream, is coming soon with MQA;
  • And Cary Audio’s new DMS-550 and DMS-600 DACs which will support MQA.

MQA technology can also produce a superior CD-based listening experience. 

On 14 September, a remastered version of the 50th anniversary edition of The Doors’ Waiting For The Sun was released featuring advanced sound recording innovations, including MQA encoding for CD and digital release.  MOON by Simaudio will be hosting playback sessions of the full album on MQA-CD on its 390 Network Player & Preamplifier.

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"I have spent many hours with Bob, listening to original recordings and being constantly amazed by the incredible sense of space and clarity brought by MQA."

Morten Lindberg, Producer and Grammy multi-nominee

"We have done many blind comparisons of my original high-resolution masters with and without the MQA process. MQA is the consistent winner."

Alan Silverman, Mastering Engineer

"Digital music has given users the ability to hold “a thousand songs in their pocket” for over a decade. But that convenience came at the sacrifice of quality. MQA gives the user the ability to keep the convenience of a large library in their pocket, without sacrificing the quality of the music."

Pioneer, on their new XDP-100R digital audio player

MQA are proud to have already received a range of awards and accolades.

Innovation Award

Innovation Award at the International Hi-Fi Press event at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2015

Most Exciting Ideas in Tech

MQA Inventor Bob Stuart was named as one of Stuff’s innovators of 2015.

CEDIA 2015 Award logo 150px high

Lifetime Achievement Award

MQA creator Bob Stuart received the CEDIA 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award

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