Playback Partners

MQA has an ever-expanding global network of partners supporting MQA playback


Handsets featuring integrated MQA playback technology for master quality sound on your mobile device

Portable Players

Listen to your favourite artists in MQA audio wherever you go


MQA-enabled Digital Audio Converters provide full decoding for the highest possible sound quality

Network Streamers

Stream and play back MQA audio via your home network

Integrated Amplifiers

Combine MQA decoding and speaker amplification for a streamlined Hi-Fi setup


MQA decoding and pre-amplification to supply your preferred power amp

Speakers & Soundbars

MQA playback and streaming for speakers and soundbars in the connected home

CD Players

Players with integrated MQA technology unwrap MQA CDs to the original sample rate to deliver optimum sound

Service & Application Partners

Music stores, services and players offering MQA quality listening


Studio quality downloads in a conveniently sized file

Streaming & Applications

Premium audio streaming combining quality and convenience

Media Players

Integrated MQA audio technology to optimise sound quality and authenticate file provenance

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