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Drum and bass legend Tony Colman aka London Elektricity discusses his approach to creating music and why albums remain important.

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Tony set up his first record label in his twenties because he was “too impatient to send demos to people and just wait around.” He now runs Hospital Records, a drum and bass specialist label renowned for its ‘Hospitality’ club nights and home to artists including Urbandawn, Nu:Tone and his own act London Elektricity.

With his latest album, Building Better Worlds, Tony set out to make a recording “so sonically strong, it would almost require something like MQA – which I didn’t even know about while I was making the album – to bring it to its full potential.”

It’s revealing more each time I’m hearing it.

Tony Colman


“It’s like revealing the layers of a complex image in Photoshop: when you see a flat image you don’t know what went into creating it, until you can actually see all the layers.”

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