MQA is now available on CD, allowing any CD player to deliver more detailed, nuanced playback. When paired with a decoder, MQA-CD unveils the full master quality recording, just as it sounded in the studio.

MQA-CD Playback

The unique way in which MQA-CDs are encoded allows them to deliver richer, more natural audio on whichever device they’re played on - from a marked improvement on a standard device, to original master quality with an MQA decoder.

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Regular CD Player

As a result of the MQA encoding process, MQA-CDs benefit from increased timing precision and de-blurring when played on any device.

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CD Player + MQA-Enabled DAC

Your CD player’s digital output (optical or coaxial) can be fed to an MQA decoder. The MQA decoder can restore the original high-resolution signal heard in the studio and confirm it, using the authentication signature. MQA-compatible DACs include: the Mytek Liberty; Technics SU-G30; MOON 390 by Simaudio; Meridian 818v3 Preamplifier, 218, 251 and Ultra DAC; and Brinkmann Nyquist.

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MQA-Enabled CD Player

These CD players can recognise an MQA-CD. The built-in MQA decoder will automatically restore the high-resolution signal heard in the studio and confirm it, using the authentication signature. MQA-enabled CD players include Oppo UDP-205 and Meridian 808v6 with more coming soon.

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The MQA technology has been developed from Bob Stuart’s lifetime of work. To get the full technical detail, visit his blog, Bob Talks.

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