Arf Mastering’s Alan Silverman, a long-time producer and mastering engineer for Judy Collins, was responsible for mastering the perennial folk singer’s latest album. Winter Stories, a seasonally-themed collaboration with Norwegian singer Jonas Fjeld and North Carolina’s Chatham County Line as backing band, comprises a selection of timeless covers and Judy’s own compositions. In a recent interview with the New York Times, the journalist described Judy’s ageless voice as a “time machine” because it had the effect of transporting audiences back in time.

Alan spoke about the musical detail revealed when listening to Winter Stories in MQA. About the track River, a Joni Mitchell Christmas time classic, he had the following to say, “Judy’s voice is of remarkable beauty for a singer of any age, no less one at 80 years. River is a prime showcase for Judy’s vocal artistry – her long, crystal pure notes melt away into the acoustic instrumentation.”

And of Judy’s self-penned tune, The Blizzard, he commented “This song is of deep personal significance to Judy. She accompanies herself at the piano revealing her classical training and composition abilities. The rolling 6/8 time of the piano against the 4/4 vocal and Chatham County Line’s evocative backing, spin a dramatic musical setting for a tale of heartbreak and redemption.”

In title track, Winter Stories, Alan describes how “Judy’s soprano voice intertwines beautifully with Jonas Fjeld’s statuesque baritone and gentle harmonies from Chatham County Line. The band embellishes upon their Americana and Bluegrass background to create a dramatic backing track that transcends genre.”

Listen to Winter Stories now in master quality on TIDAL. Judy Collins is also on tour

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MQA keeps all this timing information, and folds it into a file that's only a little bigger than a CD. Played back on any existing system, it will sound better than CD. But on an MQA-capable system, the music will be unfolded, reproducing every element that's in the original recording.

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