London/ Tokyo, 20 February 2020 – WOWOW, Japan’s leading premium pay TV broadcaster, has once again showcased HD video playback with MQA audio to deliver the promise of ‘best sound, best picture’. This time the target audience included record labels, with a view to broadcasting live artist performances in the near future.

Respected audiovisual critic and writer, Reiji Asakura, attended the event and had the following to say, “MQA is empowering all types of media from the ground up: it has already enabled high-resolution MQA-CD; and has also been responsible for upgrading the music supply chain to a whole new standard of sound quality. With the latest WOWOW HD video and MQA audio experiments, I’m really looking forward to seeing the impact on the evolution of the media landscape.

MQA founder, Bob Stuart, added, MQA’s promise is: 'Take Me There – to the original performance, wherever you listen'. Whether the audio is for live broadcast or on-demand HD video, MQA’s technology enables our partners, for the first time, to deliver the promise of ‘best sound, best picture’.

Following a world-first demo in October 2019, also held at WOWOW’s Tokyo broadcasting centre, Hideo Irimajiri, senior expert, engineering division and project lead at WOWOW, had commented “It makes no sense that audio quality still lags behind, while video is achieving higher definition with 4k and 8k resolution display,” and had praised MQA’s technology for “solving a problem.”

Japan is the world’s third largest audiovisual market (after US and China) and is renowned for innovation in broadcast technology: in December 2018, public broadcaster NHK launched the world's first 8K channel.

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Innovation Award at the International Hi-Fi Press event at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2015

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