As we continue discussions with playback partners, music stores and labels – both small and large – to deliver master quality music to music lovers everywhere, here’s a list of places where you can currently sample and purchase MQA music:

Streaming Services

Enjoy master quality audio on TIDAL HiFi with MQA tracks, albums and playlists available to stream in TIDAL Masters across all platforms. Alibaba-owned Xiami Music offers MQA music to its SVIP subscribers in China.

Live concert recordings from artists including Pearl Jam, Metallica and Bruce Springsteen, are available in MQA quality from live music specialists,,  many available within 24 hours of the show.

Music Download Stores

Specialist download stores, Onkyo Music for North America and Europe, e-onkyo in Japan, offer MQA music files. The first label to embrace MQA was acclaimed Norwegian label 2L, whose entire catalogue is MQA-encoded and available direct from its store. You can also download MQA music from 2L's Test Bench.


MQA is also available in physical format. MQA-CD can be played on any CD player to deliver richer, more natural audio. When paired with a decoder, MQA-CD unveils the full master quality recording, just as it sounded in the studio. You can find a wide range of titles available for purchase via Amazon.comCDJapan and Tower Records (Japan only).

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"I have spent many hours with Bob, listening to original recordings and being constantly amazed by the incredible sense of space and clarity brought by MQA."

Morten Lindberg, Producer and Grammy multi-nominee

"We have done many blind comparisons of my original high-resolution masters with and without the MQA process. MQA is the consistent winner."

Alan Silverman, Mastering Engineer

"Digital music has given users the ability to hold “a thousand songs in their pocket” for over a decade. But that convenience came at the sacrifice of quality. MQA gives the user the ability to keep the convenience of a large library in their pocket, without sacrificing the quality of the music."

Pioneer, on their new XDP-100R digital audio player

MQA are proud to have already received a range of awards and accolades.

Innovation Award

Innovation Award at the International Hi-Fi Press event at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2015

Most Exciting Ideas in Tech

MQA Inventor Bob Stuart was named as one of Stuff’s innovators of 2015.

CEDIA 2015 Award logo 150px high

Lifetime Achievement Award

MQA creator Bob Stuart received the CEDIA 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award

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