CES Panel: “Music Streaming Is Only The Beginning”

The discussion on the ‘Stream The Studio’ stage, led by Mike Jbara with speakers from AKQA, nugs.net and Xperi, delivered insights from across the entertainment sector, and covered wide-ranging topics such as drivers for consumer adoption, dynamic pricing and sources of innovation.

Andy Hood, Head of Emerging Technologies at AKQA, explained how new behaviours get adopted, “If it’s convenient to use and it gives you real value, there’s your Holy Grail.” While he confirmed that better audio quality offered clear value and ease of use, he cautioned, “The barrier is the understanding of the value proposition, because over many years people have been ‘educated out’ of what true hi-resolution audio actually sounds like.

The Ford car featured on the Hi-Res Audio Pavilion was a visual indication of the opportunities for hi-res audio in the automotive sector. Xperi’s EVP Chief Products & Services Officer, Geir Skaaden, declared, “The automotive industry is dying for more entertainment in the car and is primed to be a leader.” Stressing the importance of ease of use, he also urged partners to, “Wow the user without them having to do anything other than listen. They just want to hit play – with each additional step you lose 50% of your audience.”

All agreed that the messaging on higher audio quality should be artist-led. Brad Serling, nugs.net Founder & CEO, summarised this sentiment neatly, “The message needs to be artist-driven and the concept of Stream The Studio is a great way to get this in front of fans, because it’s from a trusted source – the artists who created the music.”

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