MQA at NY:LON Connect

At the annual NY:LON event for music executives, MQA CEO Mike Jbara moderated a discussion on the values-based music economy. Joined by representatives from AIMFamily in Music and Sony Music Entertainment, the panel covered wide-ranging topics including diversity and transparency, as well as how the industry is responding to climate change. 

In today’s streaming-centred music business, we generate more than two times the greenhouse gas emissions than we did in the CD era”, Mike observed, emphasising that “we have to be the stewards of data utilisation” if we want to have a positive impact. 

Explaining how MQA’s unique technology offers the most sustainable streaming solution for the industry, Mike explained: “Today’s typical 192/24 audio file is 20% music information and 80% waste… MQA has focused on zeroing in specifically on that music information and giving you back better resolution on a significantly smaller footprint.”

Watch the full panel below or read the full write-up here.


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