MQA supports Music Ally China Digital Summit

Music Ally and Kanjian Music are running a new event, ‘Music Ally China Digital Summit’ in association with MQA, which is aimed at China’s flourishing music industry and takes place online 7-9 September. The summit features a mixture of keynote presentations, interviews and panel discussions on topical and forward-looking issues. All sessions will be available in Chinese.

Mike Jbara, CEO of MQA commented: “We are delighted to support this important music industry summit – China continues to be a dynamic and diverse environment for artists and consumer experiences. MQA’s network of Chinese partners has been expanding at an impressive rate and the level of engagement by knowledgeable music fans inspires us. We know our friends and colleagues at Kanjian and Music Ally will deliver another outstanding event.”

Paul Brindley, Co-Founder and CEO of Music Ally said: “Together with Kanjian Music and with the support of MQA we are confident that we can play a role in helping to both upskill the local market while helping to build bridges both for the international market into China and for the Chinese music industry internationally.

"Music Ally's community in China continues to grow rapidly and MQA's ongoing global support is a testament to their commitment to be a pioneer in all directions as the Music Ally China Digital Summit pre-launches IMX," added Shen Jia, Founder and CEO of Kanjian Music.

The September summit is also supported by Blokur, whose royalty platform facilitates more accurate rights data and better usage matching, and FUGA, the world’s largest full-service B2B music distributor. Music Ally China Digital Summit runs ahead of the International Music Expo (IMX), China’s large-scale music conference and showcase event which takes place 11-31 October.

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