MQA x National Album Day 2019

The theme of the second annual National Album Day on 12 October – ‘Don’t Skip’ – encourages music fans to take the time to enjoy an album from start to finish. To mark this year’s celebration of the album format, Tony Colman, CEO of Hospital Records, alongside mastering engineer, Dan Gresham, sat down to discuss the recording of Tony’s latest album, Building Better Worlds, and their experience of listening to it in MQA. 

“Listening to albums is in some ways a bit of a lost art artists who make albums, we want everything to be heard because it’s all there for a reason,” states Tony. The label owner and artist equates hearing his album in MQA to viewing an image in Photoshop, “Rather than seeing a flat image where you don’t know what layers have gone into creating it, you can actually ‘see’ the layers, and I love that!”

Listen to Building Better Worlds by London Elektricity exclusively in MQA on TIDAL Masters.

Watch The Creator Story: London Elektricity here.


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