MQA Partners: How to Implement MQA

MQA’s acclaimed team has an unrivalled knowledge of high-quality audio, based on many decades of research and professional experience. Our award-winning technology is licensed by a global network of MQA partners, including hardware manufacturers, record labels and music services. 

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MQA Partners

Through our network of international partners, MQA technology is embedded in millions of devices. From CES Innovation awards to five-star What Hi-Fi reviews, MQA partner products and services stand out from the crowd. Read about the well-earned recognition and awards collected in 2019 in the news article ‘MQA partners reap rewards’.

Companies from AudioQuest to Zorloo offer portable DACs to unlock the MQA performance of a smartphone or laptop. Control4 leads the way in home automation with its integration of MQA within its multi-room, studio-quality listening experience. NAD’s M10 is just one of the exceptional MQA-enabled products from Toronto-based Lenbrook, a company that is redefining what luxury and value look and sound like. And in Japan, JVCKenwood continues to shake up in-car audio as it expands MQA across its range of products.

Implement MQA Now

As you become a licensed partner, we will assign a lead engineer to guide your team through the implementation process. You will gain access to the MQA portal which provides all the tools to become a fully integrated MQA partner. You’ll also work with the Marketing and PR team, who have years of experience, to help maximise your product launch and showcase it across MQA’s international channels. 

MQA will help shape and support your ongoing product and communication plans – and amplify your successes.

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