Where can you listen to MQA music?

MQA music delivers the sound of the studio for the world’s best-sounding music streaming services and download stores.

MQA music streaming services
TIDAL, multiple winner of What Hi-Fi?'s Best Music Streaming Service, was the first streaming service to adopt MQA to deliver master quality audio. Since launch, TIDAL has differentiated itself for its superior sound, and for being the only artist-owned music service. Play an MQA recording on TIDAL Max and you are hearing music as flawless as it sounded in the mastering studio.  

nugs.net is the leading official source of live music concerts. Bruce Springsteen, Metallica and Pearl Jam are just some of the leading names who distribute recordings of their live concerts through the service. The nugs HiFi tier offers a growing selection of concerts in MQA quality for streaming and download. “Our pursuit of the highest fidelity in our listeners’ playback experience led us to MQA,” explains nugs.net founder and CEO Brad Serling. “We were intrigued when we first read about MQA and were thrilled with the results when the MQA team first encoded some of our live recordings.”

MQA download stores
Renowned Nordic label 2L offers MQA downloads for its complete catalogue. It also uses MQA as the default delivery format to all digital streaming and download services, including Sony Select in China and e-Onkyo in Japan.

In 2017, label founder and award-winning producer/engineer, Morten Lindberg began including MQA on every physical release, starting with the recording of 'Mass for Modern Man'. The double disc sets comprise a hybrid SACD, containing an MQA-CD version (which will play back on any CD player), as well as a Blu-ray disc where you can also download the MQA 24-bit files. 

Read more about MQA-CD and purchase 2L releases here.

Founded in 2008 by brothers Norman and David Chesky, sound quality sits at the heart of download store HDtracks. Musician and composer David embraces audio technology and HDtracks was built to meet his own high standards: “I love hi-res, it’s my hobby, my livelihood and my passion,” states the Grammy-nominated artist. The store added MQA to its format offering in 2022.

Sony Select
Sony Select, owned by Sony Music Entertainment, offers high resolution downloads to music fans in China. Its focus on delivering classical recordings at their very best is supported by MQA-encoded ­­­catalogues from the likes of 2L and Japanese label Unamas.

What you hear with MQA music
MQA delivers all the richness and intricate detail of the original sound of the recording. Efficient packaging means MQA is also the most responsible solution for distributing high quality audio. Hear how UK artist Jake Isaac describes listening to his own music in MQA for the first time in this Creator Story.

To find out more, read What is MQA audio? 


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