Digital Trends: MQA "Nearly Magical"

Ryan Waniata, writing in Digital Trends, laments being one of the few reporters chasing information on the latest in mobile audio developments. But this year at MWC 2016 in Barcelona, he found something to get his teeth into: MQA.

"I got to demo something that might well turn the world of hi-res audio on its head", he writes. "It’s called MQA, and from what I heard at the show, it’s nearly magical."

In his MQA review, which you can read here, he notes, "... MQA is the most exciting audio file format I’ve heard since the FLAC file was born. All audio lovers can hope for is that this information will get out and more people will get on board, because MQA truly is a revolutionary format; one that, I hope, will be available everywhere sooner than later."


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