MQA Receives Special Award at HiVi Grand Prix 2018

MQA has received a coveted ‘Special Award’ in Japan for the development of MQA technology, including its use on physical CD format which has had a major impact in the Japanese market.

"HiVi Grand Prix", now in its 34th year, recognises excellence in the world of audio-visual products, and is run by respected HiVi magazine. A panel of industry experts selects 20 winners, as well as highlighting particular achievements from the past year through the presentation of discretionary Special Awards.

The HiVi Awards judging committee is chaired by renowned critic and writer Reiji Asakura, who had the following to say, “When I experienced MQA for the first time four years ago, I was immediately convinced that this was the future of high-res audio.  I am truly pleased to see how MQA has been growing quickly worldwide, and the HiVi Grand Prix is proof that MQA is earning widespread recognition in Japan. MQA-CD is especially good news for Japanese music fans who love physical media.”

MQA was honoured alongside two other Special Award recipients: the Japanese Broadcasting Corporation for the world’s first 8K channel "BS8K", and Warner Bros for its 50th anniversary project in celebration of Stanley Kubrick’s seminal film "2001: A Space Odyssey".


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