Music Bird premium channels showcase ‘Powered by MQA’ sound

Tokyo, Tuesday 18 May 2021 – Music Bird, Japan’s high-quality satellite digital broadcaster, is partnering with MQA to deliver radio programming using ‘Powered by MQA’ technology.

From 1 June 2021, Music Bird premium subscribers will be able to enjoy superior sound using a conventional tuner and their existing playback system. Programming will be encoded in MQA in real time, taking advantage of the deblurring technology developed by MQA, which improves time resolution and offers the best possible listening experience.

The Audio’ (channel 124), part of Music Bird’s high-quality (24 bit) ‘Premium’ channel bundle, will be the first channel to adopt ‘Powered by MQA’. The station offers “great audio and sound advice”, featuring conversations with popular audio critics such as Reiji Asakura about music, playback equipment, accessories and more. All the Premium channels (9 in total) will be Powered by MQA in the future.

To showcase the more immersive and natural sound on ‘The Audio’ channel, Music Bird prepared some special programming for 1 June to mirror content on other select broadcast channels, enabling users to compare and appreciate the benefits of Powered by MQA for themselves.

Bob Stuart, MQA Founder, commented, “We are delighted to partner with Music Bird to deliver programming in the best possible quality. Radio continues to be one of the most important listening formats and we are proud to support Music Bird in delivering great experiences to discerning listeners."

Reiji Asakura, respected audio-visual critic and author enthused, “The Music Bird 'Powered by MQA' broadcasts offer listeners a high-quality sound experience of a different dimension. With this leap forward in quality, I have high expectations for a new era of audio broadcasting for music fans.”


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