Introducing a new technology from MQA

              SCL6 Receives ‘Hi-Res AUDIO WIRELESS’ Certification

Japan Audio Society (JAS) the internationally respected audio research organisation, has certified MQA Ltd’s new scalable codec, for use with its Hi-Res AUDIO WIRELESS logo. This new codec carries the technical name of SCL6.

Wireless devices account for a large segment of music listening over headphones, earbuds, and wireless speakers*. In many devices, audio quality has been sacrificed for the convenience of Bluetooth connectivity.

SCL6 delivers detail and clarity by focussing on the time domain – a critical factor in the human perception of high-resolution sound. This fresh perspective enables an exceptional audio experience and responds to rising consumer demand for better wireless sound. The technology supports both MQA and PCM audio up to 384kHz, and the encoded data rate can be scaled seamlessly from 20Mbps to below 200kbps, covering Bluetooth, Ultra-Wideband (UWB) and WiFi links. It offers low latency and high efficiency for extended battery life.

SCL6, means the listener need not sacrifice quality for convenience.   

After receiving a demo of the groundbreaking technology, What Hi-Fi?'s Technical Editor, Ketan Bharadia, said, “This codec could be a real game-changer when it comes to the wireless transmission of high-quality files, whether they are audio or video.”

Bob Stuart, MQA Founder & CTO commented, “We are very honoured that JAS has certified SCL6 for use with its Hi-Res AUDIO WIRELESS logo. This latest technology is born of our passion for the highest sound quality and an understanding that such quality brings us closer to the music. With SCL6 we can improve the listening experience for many listeners and extend the MQA ecosystem to wireless devices. High resolution isn’t necessarily defined by the big things – it is shaped by small elements in the sound that convey details, separation, colour and space. Our reference for transparency is air itself. We are excited to use these insights in the design of SCL6 to bring a more enjoyable experience to audio fans and music lovers everywhere.”


* Futuresource: Bluetooth speakers and wireless headphones have a combined annual retail value of $69bn forecast for 2022, with wireless headphones achieving a market penetration rate of 85%.


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