Brinkmann Audio Embraces MQA for Music Collaboration

Supergroup jazz trio, Blicher Hemmer Gadd, have released their new album Get That Motor Runnin’ in collaboration with Brinkmann Audio. The album comprises six tracks, a mix of studio and live recordings, with one song featuring vocals from acclaimed singer-songwriter Paul Carrack. Get That Motor Runnin’ is available in MQA for streaming, as well as physical formats, from 1 November 2019.

Commented Dr Matthias Lück, co-owner Brinkmann Audio, “Our obsession with producing recordings that are both musically compelling and sonically spectacular led us to master Get That Motor Runnin’ using MQA technology across all music formats.” 

The MQA master files are the authenticated source for the following: the album tracks streaming on TIDAL Masters; the MQA-CD which plays back on any CD player; and, in the production of the vinyl version, these files were directly fed through the Brinkmann Nyquist Mk II streaming DAC into the cutting machine.

The trio’s previous album, Special 33, was Blicher Hemmer Gadd's first partnership with Brinkmann Audio and sold out before its release earlier this year.

Listen to Get That Motor Runnin' in TIDAL Masters. 
Buy Get That Motor Runnin' on MQA-CD.


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