Integra Integrates MQA Capability, While Onkyo & Pioneer Further Expand MQA Choices

Integra joins the growing ranks of MQA partners, arming its DTM-6 and DTM-7 with MQA full decoder ability. The US-based maker is a leading name in the custom installation sector, recognised by industry professionals for its integration friendly products.

The DTM-6 and DTM-7 are both network stereo receivers and are equipped with an extensive list of user-friendly features, including integrated dual-zone audio, voice control, as well as Integra’s Control Pro app.

Users will be able to enjoy MQA playback from USB storage and network inputs.

Onkyo is expanding its line of MQA-enabled line, bringing full MQA decoding to seven of its stereo models: the TX-8250, TX-8260, and TX-8270 Network Stereo Receivers; the NS-6130 and NS-6170 Network Audio Players; the R-N855 Network Stereo Receiver; and the CR-N775D Network CD receiver.

All of these models can wirelessly connect to wi-fi networks and all seven offer multi-room capabilities. MQA playback is accessible through USB storage and network inputs.

Pioneer is another brand to already offer a number of MQA-enabled products, including portable players, and this latest announcement sees the manufacturer enabling a pair of its network-ready models.

The SX-N30AE stereo receiver now offers full MQA decoding, adding to its already impressive suite of features, including native support of TIDAL and Pioneer’s Remote App.

Joining its stereo receiver sibling in an MQA upgrade, the N-30AE network audio player helps users get the absolute best from their digital music libraries and, like the SX-N30AE, it supports FlareConnect multi-room standard.

“The Custom Install market serves consumers committed to the very best audio experiences.  We welcome these new additions to the fast-growing range of enabled products, which highlight MQA’s versatility in all listening environments,” said Mike Jbara, CEO of MQA.


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