MQA partner spotlight: KEF

British audio specialist KEF is renowned for its award-winning speakers. A pioneer of excellence in sound, its ethos is to “fill rooms with music as it was meant to be heard.” Here, we explore how this is fulfilled, from its rich heritage through to its partnership with MQA

About KEF
KEF was founded in 1961 by engineer Raymond Cooke OBE. His love of music fuelled his determination to create products with superior acoustic quality that could reproduce recordings as natural as the original performance. To this day, KEF’s mission remains to deliver sound with as little intervention as possible. 

Innovation sits at the very core of KEF. Patents and academic papers testify to decades of consistent progress, and its products continue to set industry benchmarks. This cutting-edge approach has earnt KEF an impressive number of ‘firsts’, amongst those being the first loudspeaker manufacturer to implement the use of computers in loudspeaker design and measurement. Learn more here.

Now in its seventh decade, KEF continues to cement its position at the forefront of audio excellence. Sharing MQA’s ambition to deliver the ultimate listening experience, the two announced a partnership in 2020.

KEF LS50 Wireless II loudspeakers 
The LS50 Wireless II was the first KEF product to integrate award-winning MQA technology. An evolution from its predecessor, it was designed to deliver exceptional sound and reveal every detail of the music, with minimum set-up.

The KEF speakers have been highly celebrated, scoring wins at the esteemed What Hi-Fi? Awards and EISA Awards, while also receiving a number of standout reviews: 

What Hi-Fi?“These are among the most thrilling speaker systems we’ve heard. Make no mistake, this is a sequel of rare quality.”
AVForums: “The streaming service integration is excellent… It is able to perform an MQA unpack for TIDAL fans.
Techregister: “This is the stuff home-audio dreams are made of.” 
Home Cinema Choice Magazine: “Musically, the LS50 Wireless II is a thriller.”
Popular Science“It delivers clean, detailed sound with an expansive soundstage.”

KEF LS60 Wireless floorstanding speakers 
KEF marked its 60th anniversary year with the launch of the groundbreaking LS60 Wireless. Complete with MQA capability, the floorstanding speakers produce an impressively powerful, rich and full-bodied sound that evenly fills any space. 

The system presents all that the British brand is synonymous with; stunning design, innovative technology and class-defining performance. The LS60 Wireless consistently produces pristine audio that brings sound to life with the authenticity of the original recording.

Like the LS50 Wireless II, the LS60 Wireless is fully compatible with music streaming service TIDAL. Play an MQA Master on TIDAL Max and you are hearing music in the highest quality possible, as flawless as it sounds in the mastering studio. 

The LS60 Wireless has reaped positive reviews across the board, including: 

What Hi-Fi?"You feel right in the middle of the action with the LS60 Wireless, like you’re trapped in a bubble of sound that you hope won’t burst." 
WIRED"They are unlike anything we’ve seen or heard before…they are by far the finest streaming speakers available.”
Digital Trends: “The LS60 Wireless can handle full MQA decoding, for compatibility with TIDAL HiFi‘s Master library of hi-res tracks.”
TechHive"This pretty pair packs all the skills needed to function as a standalone, high-resolution, active streaming audio system."
The Absolute Sound"The LS60 Wireless is KEF’s vision of high-fidelity for the future."

KEF LSX II Wireless Hifi System 
Combining KEF’s quest for quality with continued innovation, the LSX II is much more than a simple upgrade from the award-winning original. The wireless speakers have been enhanced with MQA’s pioneering technology to deliver class-leading sound into your living room, home office or studio. 

The technological advancements of the LSX II give music the space to breathe and develop, leaving you to enjoy the performance that unfolds. 

Its capabilities are encased in a minimal and contemporary design, created by renowned designer Micheal Young. With five stylish finishes, the LSX II effortlessly combines form and function to deliver pristine, natural and accurate soundscapes.

The KEF LSX II has already received high praise across the industry: 
Digital Trends: “A modern refinement—namely folding in some additional connectivity, added design polish, and wireless connectivity befitting of 2022.”
TechRader: “The LSX II are the hardest-to-resist option yet.”
What Hi-Fi?: "KEF has found ways to significantly update its most affordable all-in-one in order to justify its existence and offer customers even more than before."


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