WOWOW + MQA partnership expands to in-app video streaming

WOWOW, the Japanese pay satellite broadcaster has announced a collaboration with NTT Smart Connect to develop a Mac/iOS app "ω (Omega) Player" that allows you to enjoy high-resolution 3D audio playback. All audio benefits from the MQA encoding process. 

Previously, the broadcaster has run boundary-breaking demos using MQA technology, to showcase HD video with the highest quality sound as a browser-based experience.

According to WOWOW, the pandemic has fuelled demand for high-quality, realistic digital content that makes you feel as if you were at the venue. Additionally, the broadcaster claims there’s a growing need for high-resolution and 3D audio sound sources.

WOWOW has started recruiting testers for the app and will be beta testing until 10 February 2022. You don’t need to be a WOWOW subscriber to sign up for the test. There will also be livestream demos from Tokyo’s Hakuju Hall on 11 and 12 January 2022.

View the original release (in Japanese) here.


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