TIDAL beats Spotify with superior audio quality in latest reviews

Global music streaming service TIDAL outshines rivals with MQA’s superior sound quality.

In his Spotify vs TIDAL comparison piece for Tom’s Guide, Simon Lucas champions TIDAL’s audio performance, announcing: “Where pure sound quality is concerned, it’s one of the best music streaming services around,” later adding: “You don’t need to be an audiophile, you don’t need to have spent a fortune on headphones and you don’t need golden ears. You just have to listen.”

The statement was echoed by Android Central’s Keegan Prosser, who declared: “The most significant difference between Spotify and TIDAL is sound quality, and TIDAL easily wins that battle.” Keegan went on to praise TIDAL for being at the forefront of industry-leading initiatives, commending it as “the better option for music fans who want to better support the artists whose music they’re streaming.”

TIDAL’s also a clear winner for Louder’s Steve May: “When it comes to audio fidelity, TIDAL smokes Spotify.” Steve elaborates: “Listen on TIDAL HiFi Plus with MQA and you’ll hear greater resolution with more dramatic dynamics. Tracks can exhibit a greater level of space; instruments get more air to breathe.”

TIDAL raised the bar for hi-res audio streaming when it adopted MQA’s breakthrough technology in 2017. It’s since gone from strength to strength, winning numerous awards and receiving standout reviews across the board. Take a look through some previous highlights here.

MQA and TIDAL HiFi Plus - Best quality audio

MQA and TIDAL HiFi Plus
MQA’s award-winning audio technology enables fans to stream the original recording in the highest quality possible and in the most efficient way. Find out more here.

TIDAL offers MQA music to all its TIDAL HiFi Plus subscribers as ‘Master’ tracks. With millions of songs to choose from, opt for any Masters recording and you’ll unlock the original sound of the studio, signed off by the artists and engineers. 

TIDAL’s HiFi Plus tier also includes innovative programmes to support artists, including fan-centred royalties and direct-to-artist payments. 

Listening to MQA on TIDAL Masters has never been easier. TIDAL HiFi Plus subscribers can play MQA on all desktop and mobile devices. Its casting technology TIDAL Connect lets you stream hi-res music seamlessly via the TIDAL app to connected MQA devices. Learn more on how to get the most from TIDAL Masters here.

Ready to experience studio quality sound? Sign up now and hear the difference with What Hi-Fi?’s tracks to try.


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