TIDAL Masters delivers the best sound quality with MQA

TIDAL offers instant access to more than 80 million music tracks and 350,000 music videos on its global entertainment streaming platform. Renowned for audio quality since its inception as an early Scandinavian music streaming service, the platform was acquired in 2015 by Shawn Carter – better known by his stage name, JAY-Z – and further differentiated itself by being the only artist-owned music service. To hear TIDAL at its absolute best, opt for TIDAL HiFi Plus and select Master recordings and experience studio quality audio.

TIDAL Masters and MQA
Since 2017, TIDAL has integrated MQA’s breakthrough technology to deliver the ultimate audio experience. This is offered to all TIDAL HiFi Plus tier subscribers under the Master listing. 

Play a TIDAL Master recording and you are hearing music in its highest possible quality. Experience the maximum possible resolution, as flawless as it sounded in the mastering studio.

It doesn’t get better than this. 

TIDAL Masters awards
TIDAL’s music streaming service has accumulated numerous awards and accolades for its performance levels.

The 2017 introduction of TIDAL Master quality recordings was instrumental in TIDAL retaining the ‘Best Music Streaming Service’ award in the esteemed What Hi-Fi? Awards of the same year. “TIDAL stands out as a truly compelling streaming proposition, where great sound quality is matched by a strong interface and extensive music catalogue,” said the world’s biggest technology buyer’s guide. In 2021, TIDAL kept up the winning streak as “the audiophile’s service of choice."

Other recognition for TIDAL includes the Editors’ Choice award from PC Mag. The review said that TIDAL Masters sounds “absolutely terrific” and “seriously delicious”TechRadar’s review didn’t hold back either, stating, “As for sound quality, what can I say? It’s brilliant.” Business Insider is also a TIDAL super fan, with its review declaring, "the thing that struck me the most about testing TIDAL's HiFi plan is how much I hated going back to normal streaming after listening to its lossless quality.”

BBC Music Magazine, the world’s best-selling classical music magazine, says that TIDAL Masters is “superior to CD”. The TIDAL HiFi service is also a ‘Recommended’ award holder at the globally recognised Hi-Fi Choice magazine. Trusted Reviews, one of the globe’s leading technology websites, puts it beautifully succinctly, proclaiming TIDAL as the “best-sounding streaming service by far.”

Millions of tracks available in MQA
With TIDAL Masters, TIDAL offers the largest catalogue of MQA music, with millions of tracks across all genres, thousands of expertly curated playlists and endless artist radio stations.

To hear exactly what all the tastemakers are talking about, simply sign up to TIDAL HiFi Plus and listen for yourself. When browsing, look for the ‘MASTER’ logo - that signifies an MQA recording. For quick finds, open the TIDAL homepage and scroll to ‘Master Quality Authenticated Albums’, ‘Master Quality Authenticated Playlists’, as well as tailored ‘Master Edition’ radio stations, where you’ll find a bunch of genres, including hip-hop, pop, metal and rock. For now, here are five tracks to give you a taste of the audio goodness of TIDAL HiFi Plus. 

David Bowie, Ashes to Ashes (2017 Remaster), Scary Monsters and Super Creeps
Ashes to Ashes on TIDAL HiFi Plus is all about delivering the ultimate space and pace. Space for Dennis Davis’s cymbals, space for Bowie’s vocal layering, and dynamic pace of George Murray’s seriously funky bassline.

Billie Eilish, I Love You, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?
This track finds Eilish at her melancholy best and listening to the TIDAL Master recording is an intimate experience. Expect super-natural sounding vocals, accompanied by beautifully-played acoustic guitar. And the track’s subtle airline safety announcement has never sounded clearer. 

Stevie Wonder, Master Blaster (Jammin’), Hotter Than July
What a tune! Listen out for how TIDAL with MQA technology precisely lays out the rapid percussion and the eager bass. All perfectly underpinned by that oh-so-recognisable organ. Wonder’s voice sounds natural, brims with passion and the Master recording gives the background vocals room to breathe. 

Fleetwood Mac, The Chain (2001 Remaster), Rumours
Listening to a familiar track is always a good bet when evaluating audio quality. So, thanks to Formula 1 world’s love of this track, many of us are on safe ground here. TIDAL HiFi delivers the audio horsepower required to faithfully present the determined drumbeat. When the pace picks up, its timing is podium-topping.

Beyoncé, Jack White, Don’t Hurt Yourself, Lemonade
From Beyoncé’s all-conquering 2016 release, play the Masters recording of this song and the tune powers forward with extraordinary energy. As well as, stopping-and-starting with gymnastic precision. It’s a rare thing to experience Jack White’s guitar playing second fiddle to anyone’s vocals, but this is one such occasion.

Unlock MQA with TIDAL Masters
Unlocking the sound of the studio has never been easier. To secure your 30 day free trial, head over to TIDAL Masters. TIDAL HiFi Plus subscribers can play MQA on all desktop and mobile devices, offering studio quality sound at home or on the go. To further support a harmonious listening experience, TIDAL’s casting technology, TIDAL Connect, allows unparalleled audio quality to be seamlessly experienced on connect devices with a touch of a button. Find out how to get the most from TIDAL Masters here.

Still want to see how TIDAL compares to other high resolution music streaming services? Watch us battle it out at TIDAL vs Amazon Music HD Sound Quality.


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