Bob James Talks About MQA

Legendary jazz musician, Bob James, explains why he's so excited to have his latest album released as an MQA-CD

Watch the video here.

"I'm so proud to see companies that are still trying to upgrade to the highest quality audio, we live in a time when everything seems to be wanting to be compressed people want to get more and more music onto their phones and they end up with these Mp3 files, they sound ok, but a lot of the quality that we try to achieve when we're making the music gets lost nd the listeners sometimes don't know. But the fact that, there's an audience for it, people who expect more makes me very proud that my company, Evolution, went to the extra effort to make sure that my special project was released in this MQA format. It's fantastic and anybody that has an MQA compatible player and who understands a little bit about the fact that it's just more information, it's higher quality in every way."

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