How to get the most from TIDAL Masters

TIDAL & MQA partnership
TIDAL has partnered with MQA to integrate MQA's breakthrough technology and deliver the ultimate quality in music recordings. Play a TIDAL Master track and you are hearing music in its highest possible quality. This is the sound of the studio, the master version as signed-off by the artists and recording engineers. 

Find out more about TIDAL’s sound quality here

Experience TIDAL Masters everywhere
TIDAL HiFi Plus subscribers can play MQA on all desktop and mobile devices, so you can enjoy studio quality sound wherever you choose to listen. MQA’s clever packaging also means the music information is preserved and delivered in the most efficient way. The TIDAL app contains the core decoder and performs the first unfold of an MQA file to deliver better than CD-quality audio.

If you pair TIDAL Masters with an MQA renderer product, this set-up will complete the unfolding of an MQA file and deliver optimal sound quality. Rendering devices include iFi audio’s ZEN DAC Signature V2Zorloo's Ztella and ROG Delta S headset.


Examples of MQA-enabled portable DACs paired with a mobile device and headphones using a Lightning to USB camera adapter (for iPhone). 

Control music listening with TIDAL Connect 
Listening to TIDAL Masters has never been easier. With TIDAL’s new casting technology, TIDAL Connect, HiFi Plus members can control their music listening on connected devices directly from the TIDAL app. 

To connect to your preferred device, open the “Now Playing” screen while playing a song, click on the device selector icon on the bottom left, and select your TIDAL Connect-enabled device. Watch this video for more information on how to use TIDAL Connect. 

MQA-enabled device partners currently include: Bluesound, Cambridge AudioDALI, Electrocompaniet, KEFLyngdorf AudioiFi, Monitor and NAD, as well as integration partner StreamUnlimited. Find out more here.

For a free trial go to TIDAL Masters.

For more information visit ‘How it works’ and try listening to some recommended TIDAL Masters albums. 


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