MQA Live: Misha Mullov-Abbado Group

Jazz ensemble, the Misha Mullov-Abbado Group, performed exclusively for an MQA Live event, which was streamed in real time into MQA partner listening rooms at the Munich High End show on 11 May.  The six-piece band, performing from London’s The Pool studio, treated listeners to a 40-minute set including the following tracks: Cross Platform Interchange; Gromit’s Grand Outing; Equinox; and Some Things Are Just So Simple.

MQA Live delivers real-time performances in the highest quality and enables fans to listen to live concerts of their favourite artists as if they were standing in the venue.

Speaking from The Pool studio in London, presenting the live stream, MQA CEO, Mike Jbara, said, “While only steps from the Shard building where MQA launched, we’ve come a long way since then.  I’d like to thank all our partners who are streaming this special performance into the Munich High End show and helping demonstrate the versatility of MQA’s technology.”

Misha Mullov-Abbado, bass player, arranger vocalist and composer, added afterwards, “Hearing about the reactions of listeners in Munich and reading the reviews has been really rewarding.  We certainly had fun in the studio and the event demonstrates that clever technology and live music can create a powerful and emotional partnership.”

The MMA Group’s live performance was streamed in real time into Munich’s High End show via the following MQA partner set-ups:

  • AudioQuest: headphone listening on Macbook + Audirvana / iPad + Amarra Play app with AudioQuest DragonFly DAC
  • Aurender: A10 + Aurender app + TuneIn’s custom URL
  • AudioReference + Meridian: Roon + Dan D'Agastino power amp + Meridian 818 Reference Audio Core + Sonus faber Aida speakers
  • Bluesound: headphones + Powernode 2 streamer + NAD system + BluOS app + TuneIn’s custom URL
  • Brinkmann Audio: Nyquist MkII DAC + Roon
  • dCS: Rossini DAC + Roon
  • Esoteric/Pioneer/TEAC: Esoteric N-05 + Roon; TEAC NT-505 + B&W speakers and TEAC NR-7CD
  • iFi Audio: headphone demo’s using Audirvana + xDSD/nano BL
  • Wadax: Atlantis DAC + Roon + Avantgarde Trio XD speakers

Further MQA Live performances are planned in the coming months.


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