MQA Live Premieres in Japan: Eriko Shimizu and Mabumi Yamaguchi

Acclaimed Japanese jazz musicians, Eriko Shimizu and Mabumi Yamaguchi treated Inter BEE and Tokyo International Audio Show attendees to two MQA Live performances, which were streamed in real time across the shows on 16 November.

Eriko Shimizu and Mabumi Yamaguchi performed two sets from Onkio Haus Studios, in Tokyo, which included the following tracks: Once I Loved, Some Day My Prince Will Come, My One & Only Love, On Green Dolphin Street, O Grande Amor, Up Jumped Spring, Alfie, All The Things You Are. These MQA Live sessions were produced by renowned recording engineer Mick Sawaguchi.

MQA Live delivers real-time performances in the highest quality and enables fans to listen to live concerts of their favourite artists as if they were standing in the venue.

These special performances were streamed live into Inter BEE during the Bob Stuart seminar and at the Tokyo International Audio Show with Esoteric and Cocktail Audio (Triode).


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