Greening of Streaming takes its case to parliament

Greening of Streaming was set up in 2020 by companies from the video sector in search of more sustainable streaming practices. As part of its remit, the membership organisation recently organised an event at Westminster to press for parliamentary support. Hosted by Dr Alan Whitehead MP (pictured below) and Matt Warman MP (above), the reception also served as the first physical gathering of Greening of Streaming member companies and invited guests (among them MQA).

Need for legislative support
Speaking at the event, Shadow minister for Energy & Climate Change, Dr Whitehead said: “Technology is not weightless…and government needs to play its part and ensure legislation supports sustainability efforts.” Matt Warman MP echoed these sentiments, adding: “The individual consumer can only make a very small difference. Government and industry have to work together to make those systemic changes that will see a real impact on the carbon footprint.”

Reducing ICT’s carbon footprint
Internet use accounts for around 3% of global emissions (similar to the airline industry) with 70% of traffic coming from streaming. Greening of Streaming is committed to mapping out and measuring the ‘hidden middle’ of the video streaming landscape. The hidden middle refers to the complex supply chain that delivers content to the consumer. Through measurement, collaboration and sharing of best practice, the organisation’s aim is to find greener streaming solutions.

All agree that consumers shouldn’t have to change their viewing habits or settle for inferior entertainment experiences. However, if they can choose services and suppliers based on their green credentials, then consumer pressure could lead to meaningful change.

To find out more about Greening of Streaming visit here.


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