Sustainable streaming: MQA raises awareness and calls for innovation

While it’s easy to understand the carbon footprint of physical formats such as CD and vinyl, many people don’t realise that music streaming also has an environmental impact.

As part of Earth Day-related activities, MQA highlighted the continued growth in streaming and explained how the process generates greenhouse gas emissions. MQA’s CEO Mike Jbara urged for more innovation: “As major music services upgrade their audio quality, we have to think about how that audio should move around to consumers, and how you get better quality with a smaller carbon footprint.” 

​​MQA is the technology behind the award-winning TIDAL (Masters) streaming service. It improves audio resolution by a factor of 15 times, while reducing the carbon footprint of high-resolution audio files by as much as 80%. The infographic below illustrates the annual savings from just one person streaming 24/192 files for 6 hrs/day on TIDAL (Masters) vs Apple or Amazon.

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Learn more on why MQA is the most sustainable streaming solution here.


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