Since the 1980s, Sonic Studio workstations have been used worldwide by motion picture and recording studios, record labels and high end mastering facilities. Its customers consistently win Grammy®, Emmy® and Oscar® awards for their exceptional audio work and Sonic Studio continues to lead the way with the award-winning Amarra family of software music players.

In 2002, Sonic Studio acquired the professional audio division to focus on developing advanced audio software architecture. Amarra was the first high resolution music player specifically designed to improve the sound of computer-based playback with its analog-like sound. Sonic Studio is poised to lead the way in high resolution audio playback for the home, and recent work on new architectures for software allow the next generation of cross-platform mobile-first audio applications.

With offices located in California’s Marin County, Sonic Studio continues to lead the industry in fidelity, value and ease of use. The Sonic Studio range remains the standard for both professional audio production and home-based computer music players.

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