Launched in October 2012 by parent company, iriver, Astell&Kern is a luxury brand specialising in high-resolution audio products and accessories.  The name is derived from the Latin word for ‘star’ – Astell – and Kern which means ‘centre’ in German, denoting that Astell&Kern is at the centre of music. Astell&Kern's goal is to provide customers natural and original sound without distortion, showcasing the miniscule details from the original recording, and ensuring that listeners can enjoy music the way the artist, producers and recording engineers intended it to be heard. Parent company, iriver Ltd, was founded in Korea in 1999, and is a global leader in cutting-edge products for the digital world with local offices in China and the US.

Astell&Kern continues to extend its range of devices with award-winning MQA technology, with continued upgrades to enable MQA playback.

Astell&Kern and TIDAL Masters
All Wi-Fi enabled Astell&Kern players will feature the artist-owned streaming service TIDALPair an MQA-enabled Astell&Kern device with TIDAL Masters to experience music in its highest possible quality. This is the sound of the studio, the master version as signed-off by the artists and recording engineers. 

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