M2Tech was founded in 2007 by Italian electronic engineers Nadia Marino and Marco Manunta. In 2009 the company launched its first product to much acclaim, the hiFace USB audio interface - the first of its kind capable of delivering bit-perfect 192/24 data. The Young 384/32 DAC (part of M2Tech's "Rockstars" series named after well-known musicians) followed soon after, the first mid-range DAC capable of bit-perfect 384/32 conversion.

Research and innovation are key to M2Tech's mission: each new product is designed to bring something new to the audiophile market, while also aiming at the best sound quality. The Joplin 384/32 Analog-to-Digital converter and the Evo PhonoDAC Two stay true to M2Tech's philosophy. Recognising the advantages of MQA, M2Tech plans to incorporate MQA capability into all of its new DAC products, starting with the Young MkIII.

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