Mike Jbara

Mike Jbara - CEO

Mike Jbara joined MQA from Warner Music Group where he held roles as head of studios, President of ADA Worldwide, President of WEA Corp., and most recently Corp EVP, Technology. Before joining Warner, Mike was part of the New York-based Media and Entertainment Practice at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture).

Outside of work you can find Mike advising and advocating for the redevelopment of his hometown of Detroit, coaching basketball and cooking. Mike holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering from the University of Michigan.

Bob Stuart – Creator of MQA

Bob Stuart is the creator of the revolutionary new music technology MQA. A graduate of Imperial College London, where his studies included Psychoacoustics and Electronic Engineering, Bob is also the brains behind Meridian Lossless Packing, the audio technology at the heart of DVD-Audio, and now part of the Blu-Ray Disc specification. And he is, crucially, a dedicated lover of music.

Bob Stuart

Spencer Chrislu

Director of Content Services

Spencer Chrislu, MQA’s Director of Content Services, has been involved in high-resolution audio and musical reproduction for his entire working life. Graduating from the University of Illinois armed with a degree in electrical engineering, Spencer twinned this academic expertise with his passion for capturing, reproducing and delivering great musical experiences to secure a position as a recording engineer.

Roles as mastering engineer and producer followed, with his studio time seeing Spencer ensure best-quality audio from the recordings of revered artists, including The Doors, Iggy Pop, REM, and Frank Zappa.

Director of Marketing

Lisa Sullivan, MQA’s Director of Marketing, brings over 15 years experience in Marketing and PR. After graduating from Middlesex University with a BA Honours Degree in Criminology, this interest in human behaviour led Lisa into the world of Marketing. With a marketing career starting in the travel industry over 20 years ago with brands such as Thomas Cook, Lisa has managed major international Marketing and PR campaigns.

Lisa started working in the audio industry 5 years ago with Meridian Audio and was heavily involved in the Meridian launch of MQA, so has worked on the technology now since its concept launch.

Lisa Sullivan

Andy Dowell

Director of Licensing

Andy Dowell, MQA’s Director of Licensing, brings over 15 years experience in Licensing and Account Management. After graduating from the University of York with a BEng honours degree in electronic engineering, Andy joined Dolby’s London office to manage the Licensing business in major international markets for a wide range of consumer products. Andy also managed market development through the introduction of new technologies and licensing initiatives.

Andy has been instrumental to the team setting up Licensing and business frameworks.

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