The future of streaming must be sustainable.
MQA is a part of that future

The environmental cost of today’s streaming-centred music business is twice as high as the CD era. The current model for digital music is very wasteful.

By using advanced methods for audio coding and packaging, MQA reduces greenhouse gas emissions all while delivering unbelievable sound to your ears.

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MQA reduces the carbon footprint of high-resolution audio by as much as


and makes resolution 15 times better.

See the power of MQAr

In a typical 192kHz 24-bit audio file, music uses 20% of the data capacity; the remaining 80% contains no information.

How We Do It

Efficiency: MQA focuses on the musical information and ‘folds’ the file efficiently.

Sound: Resolution is improved by correcting time-based errors which cause audio blurring.

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“It isn’t necessary to ship a bottle of wine in a 3-gallon carton.”
Bob Stuart, MQA founder

Events and Resources

MQA is a true innovation and delivers spectacular sound in a sustainable way. Explore the latest conversations.


The environmental impact of music streaming

Music streaming has a carbon footprint, and it’s twice as large as the CD era. Learn more and discover the initiatives championing a more sustainable solution.

MQA’s sustainable technology

As more artists are recording in hi-res, and more music becomes available to stream in higher quality, how do we ensure these innovations are sustainable?
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MQA at NY:LON Connect

In a values-based music economy, MQA CEO Mike Jbara leads a discussion on consumer priorities regarding transparency and sustainability, and how the industry is responding.
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MQA founder Bob Stuart at the What Hi-Fi? Virtual Show

MQA founder Bob Stuart explains how MQA technology focuses on the musical information and gives more care to the ‘information inside the data’.
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What is MQA Audio?

Award-winning technology delivering music conveniently and efficiently, and in the highest quality, from the studio to the music fan.
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